Political Advertising

We’ve done everything from knocking on doors to live-tweeting national debates to designing websites.

Jon Ossoff & Rafael Warnock Special Election

Graphics created to inform & inspire the voters. Jon Ossoff (2017, 2021), Rafael Warnock (2021)

Georgia Politics

After each major vote, I create infographics to show the voters how their Reps voted. Should You Run For Office (2008-Present)

Grassroots for Sanders (2015-2016)

Starting in 2015, I worked with Grassroots for Sanders, reporting to Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager. I live-tweeted debates and other interesting content, tapping into trending hashtags for more engagement. This was one of my favorite tweets.

Neighborhood Politics, Charity & Social Media

For the past several years I have worked in East Atlanta in several capacities. Click the link above for more information & a complete social media growth case study. 2016-Present

Pledged Delegates Infographics

After each voting result, I created these images for Bernie’s social media. Grassroots for Sanders (2015-2016)

Brittany Trambauer-Smith for Congress

in 2021, Georgia’s District 14 had a need for someone to run against Marjorie Taylor Green. I worked with a team on campaign management & web design/UX. Brittany for Congress (2021-Present).

Issues User Interface

A clean and manageable way I created to display the candidate’s stances on the issues.