Home Depot Infographics

Fun and visually engaging infographics can help educate & boost sales. I suggested educating customers through infographics in 2014 and designed the infographics below and created brand standards around The Home Depot’s usage of infographics.

On this project, I was initially asked to create some icons for fertilization. I worked with copywriters to shorten the information into easily digestible parts for the consumer, since research shows many people skim instead of read longer articles. Once I started learning about fertilization, certain graphics began to make sense such as a map for the zones.

In later projects, such as the plant tag, a plant tag made sense as a way to display this information. With Christmas Trees, I noticed many people doing quizzes on social media, and I thought “Why not turn it into a personality quiz?” We all know quizzes like “What does your pizza topping say about you?” don’t really mean anything, but they can be a good marketing tool that start you thinking about the product, Christmas Trees for example, & also introduce new types of Christmas Trees you may not have known about.