Home Depot Full Pages

While I generally design and build the homepage for Home Depot at homedepot.com, I sometimes take on special projects. With the homepage team, I design and publish over 150 pages per year on mobile app, mobile web, personalized homepage, specials & offers and desktop.

We start with a wireframe which is based on approved templates from UX and Senior Designers to make sure the site is consistent. Next, with marketing stakeholders and analytics, we arrange products that fit the store needs, things we are promoting & innovations into the layout. We also art direct photoshoots if needed. After we get to a high fidelity mockup of the page, we work with copywriters & the marketing stakeholders to make sure everything is consistent across categories and click-throughs from the homepage. Finally, we build the page & send out staging links to all stakeholders to ensure there are no mistakes and we are ready to launch.