#BuildCheer at The Home Depot (2017)

#BuildCheer was a surprise and delight feature on the home depot app where users could add Home Depot holiday themed stickers to their photos & share. I designed the stickers as well as the marketing. We saw a 200% increase in app downloads when we released this feature.

This idea started with Snapchat. Since our app already featured augmented reality, we knew we had the ability to feature holiday stickers on our app. We started with a brainstormed list of holiday themed images and went designing from there. We drew inspiration from our kit of parts for holiday graphics & colors, then we just had fun with it. For the app hero directing to the feature, I thought, “Let’s take inspiration from a photobooth strip.” I asked friends and coworkers to send pictures and & featured my stepkids in the main frame. I also used our approved “fun font” that I selected for infographics on this app hero.